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Welcome to the Apps2Oranges Think Tank

Great minds come together like Voltron to create solutions for your project.

Inspired by Voltron? Heck yes.

We grew up watching Voltron. Five pilots of mechanical lions. Colorful teams that could merge to become something greater. As we watched Voltron and shows like it, we recognize the strength each member had.  They were experts in their chosen areas. Unique and dedicated to the group’s success. By leveraging the experience and skills of all team members, regardless of role, Apps2Oranges challenges the traditional concept of creative design. As Aristotle stated, The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. We have over 15 years of experience the industry specializing in creative, data, code, management, and usability. Combining that experience results in a powerful, unified company ready to tackle Planet Doom or the internet, whichever you prefer. The Think Tank knows content is king; we put the focus on generating the best data and visualizations for your targeted audience.

Meet the Think Tank

Allan David Bush

Allan David Bush

CEO, Founder

A pioneer in web development and long time veteran of design, Allan has worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, including AEGON, CIT, Hanes, DKNY, and Reebok. As a technologist, he’s obsessed with studying user habits and digital marketing strategies.

Allan is driven to explore the new boundaries of collaboration, apps, intranets, portals, and e-commerce. He gets his thrills by working with new technologies and finds it extremely rewarding developing new interfaces and brands. He’s a Jack of Most Trades; he knows better than to claim the Jack of All.

  • Design & UX 60%
  • Web Programming 20%
  • Social Media & Marketing 20%
Katie Tingley

Katie Tingley

Mobile Godess

Majored in dead languages, however still wants to speak to the living.

Mobile Communications, Hardware, Network Management

  • Mobile Networks 80%
  • Client Management 10%
  • Mobile Development 10%
  • UX & Design 70%
  • SEO & Marketing 20%
  • Coding and Frameworks 10%
Randi Arentz-Locashio

Randi Arentz-Locashio

Projects & Business Analyst

Randi studied Mathematics Cal State University of Fullerton before turning her attention toward obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her focus on Small Business and Entrepreneurship gives Apps2Oranges a solid base at unifying creative solutions with real-world ROI results.

  • Business Analysis 70%
  • Project Management 15%
  • Budget Tracking 15%
Jason Locashio

Jason Locashio


Jason is often confused with Neo for his ability to see the world in data streams.

As our backend developer and architect, it additionally means you’re getting the latest and greatest in programming tools and technologies. Jason doesn’t abide “good enough”. The proof is in the pudding; his work on websites like staplescenter.com and homedepotcenter.com while at AEG, and on web-based apps like EventPulse at ShowMax Marketing are but a few examples of his commitment to excellence.

  • Backend Design & Development 75%
  • Information and Data Architect 20%
  • Quality Assurance & Testing 5%
Anthony Kroposky

Anthony Kroposky

Audio & Soundmaster

Anthony provides the soundtrack to our lives here at Apps2Oranges. A professional musician and graduate of Mason Gross School of Fine Arts (Rutgers), Anthony knows his way around way too many instruments to mention and has been behind the boards as a much in demand knob twister.

  • Audio Technologies 60%
  • Original Musical Scores & Compositions 30%
  • Audio & Video Production 10%

You Like Like us, right?

Social media isn’t about collecting thumbs. The internet isn’t going to make your business successful just because you received a bus load of likes from people who will, let’s face it, never buy or use your service. So why bother? At Apps2Oranges, we will be happy to let you know what to do with your thumbs… or rather how to leverage those likes into search engine gold and data mining opportunities.

There's a light, over at the Frankenstein Place

Pop culture and rich media content go hand in hand these days. With so much vying for your attention, the key is building the right information architecture to shine a light your company. The secret behind that “Easy” button is our Apps2Oranges team of experts handling all the complexities.

We Click Things, So You Don't Have to

You have a business to run. Run it. We can handle your website and social media programs. We dig that stuff. You dig making money. Don’t get distracted.

You won't believe what happened next...

Click baiting is annoying. But as long as it works, it’s going to be around. We keep on top of the trends and technologies that make our work better, faster and more cost effective. We’ll probably pass the savings on to you. That 30th Anniversary Voltron Figure isn’t cheap.

Enhance your event with A2O Drones to Go - Coming Soon!

Apps2Oranges (A2O) is getting ready to bring you a new experience for your next event.

Our team of Drone pilots will help you get the most out of the next wave of technology – Drone Flight and Aerial Photography. We’re happy to introduce new ways to ramp up the fun at your event with Drone tech leaders like DJI and their new Inspire 1.

More info coming soon. Check the A=O blog for updates.