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I’ll do almost anything you want me to…

Clients are my drug. I love working with new people and brands just to get that creative high. A buzz that comes from releasing a digital creation AND getting paid for it.

I was nineteen when I discovered the primary process of breaking down challenges into manageable milestones.

The part when I make an analogy with a bit of my creative history.

Fusion Creative Media Magazine Years

By starting a magazine at an age when most youths focused on more hedonistic pursuits, I developed the skills that would become the foundation for a career path in original content creation, visual design, branding, project management and resource handling.

One of the earliest skills I developed was relationship management. It was not only critical for promotion; it helped attract new talent that could provide new content. Pardon the humble brag. I was great at hype. In digital analytics parlance, the conversion rate was through the roof.

This background has given me the skills to embrace applications like Salesforce.

The part when I turn an anecdote to a product promotion

Salesforce has a robust suite of client-oriented components that help you organize and track your sales targets while keeping prospects engaged with a sound marketing strategy. Setting up that strategy is where I come in. I analyze your workflows, determine your KPIs and then build out all the needed components that help you navigate through the sales funnel,

If you have spent time in reading through this self-promotional fluff, congratulations. You are a statistical anomaly. If I have sprinkled this post with just the right amount of Straight Talking Candor(TM), then let’s do business!