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I’ll do almost anything you want me to…

It’s the foundation of all business; the management of a relationship with your client. In a service oriented business like Web Design we deal with our own industry specific challenges. If you are reading this you are:

  1. Bored
  2. A friend or family member
  3. An accidental visitor fallen prey to my clever click bait campaigns (note: sarcasm)
  4. A prospective employer checking out what Apps2Oranges has to offer

Uncanny right? That’s my years of experience in the design business speaking. If I go on a rant about customer behavior, then I’m shooting myself in the head*. If I state that the customer is always right, then I am as insincere as a LinkedIn post**.

There is no one solution meets all for building a solid customer relationship. In general, these are the steps you can expect from me. Remember, these are cultivated by over 20 years of working with a wide assortment of personalities.

  1. I study your business
  2. I study your competitors
  3. I study YOU

That’s it. Of the three steps, the third is the most critical. I can argue about best practices and show data and graphics and screenshots about what direction to take on your project. If you agree with me, fantastic. If you don’t, either I haven’t done my preparation well or you aren’t comfortable with the change that is coming. If the latter, don’t panic!

A person’s business is like their child. You want to nurture it the right way and some decisions can be a great challenge. I’m a stranger. A stranger with good credentials, but still a stranger. A difficult client will up my game. Web designers want to advance the way the internet develops and sometimes they become a little impatient. Guiding a client through a process that is outside their comfort zone is tricky, and the subject of a lot of marketing books. I could try to argue that when you work with me, you will have the best experience you have ever had in creating digital content. And a great experience is what I will aim for, but cutting through the bullshit, so is every other designer out there. None of them set out to screw you***.

If you have spent time in reading through this clearly self promotional fluff sprinkled with (hopefully) just the right amount of Straight Talking Candor(tm), then hot damn. Lets do business!


* Forget about the foot

** It should be no shock to you that everybody posts on LinkedIn exactly what they think will sway a potential source of income

** I’m putting my faith in humanity here