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…  the Boys of Summer

It’s far too obvious to state how great the digital world has become at offering someone a chance at success with the creation of tools like Evernote. I started using Evernote in 2012 and it kept my design and business ideas safe and secure in a database that I could access anywhere. It allowed me to combine audio other digital media to help fire up my imagination and stay on track. No more losing ideas in the ether as I drove home late at night. With a simple click, I could record my ideas and play them back as I needed them on any device.

It takes a great deal of planning and discipline to avoid the risk of burning out in a high volume, short turn around work environment. It sounds contradictory that a regimented work ethic could save your creative spirit, but it really works to save one’s sanity. If you can build your work flow around a structured management approach such as agile or even the more basic waterfall approach, you are going to lay down some strong user habits as you sharpen your skills.

Creativity is extremely affected by the environment around it. While chaos may seem appealing, in reality a disorganized environment will result in substandard output.

… Getting to the Heart of the Matter

The digital landscape has evolved yet again; providing us with new frameworks, faster connections, cloud storage, powerful processors, innovative hardware for input and playback. Technology advancements have coalesced into a fantastic foundation to pioneer new user experiences.

Just as Jonathan Livingston Seagull discovered that flight was more than being the right kind of bird, one can discover that flight is about attaining the best experience. Responsive design, managed user experiences, and content management power the engine of new websites and applications. CSS3, HTML 5, AJAX, SVG are now the new core of a creative developer. It’s an exciting time to master these technologies and push boundaries to the next level. More importantly, Content Management Systems have evolved into experience focused toolkits that anticipate user patterns, store content for display based on behaviors, and allow constant monitoring of site traffic to continuously refine a website’s impact.