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… Free Fallin’ with Digital Content?

Adding clutter to an already polluted world-wide web should be a crime. Each blog posted, each video/image/song shared contributes to the sprawl of freewheeling chaos available to everyone.

That’s why digital content has turned to apps like instagram and vine to organize the chaos. Sure, while the younger community claims to favor anarchy and unique expression, they are the shapers of digital content and how it is created, scanned and organized.

The truth is we look at apps like twitter and Facebook to help us refine the user experience. Build newer apps that seem to be simple, even playful, to help us analyze the user community.

And if done correctly, it can be a powerful approach to developing digital content. The ultimate goal is to develop the a profile that doesn’t make the user feel like he is being bombarded with garbage. The user has to feel that the ad placements on his app are integrated into his user experience  without becoming intrusive or worse, distracting him from the original purpose of using the app.